Talbot Imaging in High Resolution Optical Encoders
Allyson Scott, Applications Engineer , Celera Motion

Size, weight and precision are key differentiators in OEM machines, particularly robots. This presentation discusses innovate technologies which reduce the size and weight of position feedback devices while maintaining high precision and tolerance to misalignment. The use of Talbot imaging to create extremely compact 1 nm resolution optical encoder is presented. As an introduction, a review of light properties and wave interference is provided. Nanometer resolution typically requires secondary optical components which make the encoder bulky and expensive. Innovative sensor geometry is presented which eliminates these optics reducing encoder size and improving cost-effectiveness. A critical aspect of high resolution encoder installation is precise alignment. The high degree of tolerance of Talbot imaging technology to misalignment is also discussed. Finally, the application of Talbot imaging to both glass and metal encoder scales is presented.

Allyson is an Applications Engineer for Celera Motion, based in Rocklin, CA. She graduated from University of California – Santa Barbara in 2017 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics. Before working with precision motion components, she was an Applications Engineer for Thermo Fisher Scientific advancing a SEM-based nanoProber. Allyson is now focused on providing motion control solutions for customers and creating technical documentation for Celera Motion’s Motors and Mechatronics group.

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