Materials, Automation & Simulation in Electric Machine Design & Production - Radial Magnetic Orientation Technology and its Application in Motors

Brian Coleman, Vice President of Business Development, International Magnaproducts, Inc.

Proper application of magnetic materials requires attention to several factors including benchmarking, material considerations, manufacturing methods and design optimization.  Using neodymium iron boron rings for permanent magnet motors is not new.  In this presentation will focus on a new production method for those rings using patented rotating orientation technology along with the benefits of this novel material. This presentation will review assembly, magnetization and magnetic wave form testing that allows correlation with motor testing. 

Brian Coleman, Vice President of Business Development, has 25 years in magnetics industry, has visited and worked with the best magnetic material producers from around the globe.  Brian supports magnetic applications in office automation and industrial automation applications, specifically DC brushless motors with multipole rare earth magnetics and sintered radial magnet materials.  With a BS from Purdue University, he is uniquely positioned at IMI to visit with customers and trade show partners, and work with them to identify the best materials to meet and exceed expectations and needs with quality, price, and delivery.

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