Operating Electro-Magnets with Current or Voltage Control Algorithms from Standard Industrial Drives
Carl Lee Tolbert, Vice President of Engineering, B&D Industrial

With the popularity of thyristor-based industrial DC drives being used in plants for extruders, winders, and other applications, does it not make sense to utilize the same drive without special firmware modifications also to run other applications? These alternative applications include lifting magnets, magnetic chucks, and magnetic separators. From a maintenance perspective, standard firmware equates to lest investment in training and spare parts inventory. To answer this, B&D has built custom electro-magnets, a test stand, and acquired an off-the-shelf thyristor-based DC drive to test two specific operational modes. The first operating mode test uses a single magnet with the DC drive in current control mode. The second running test uses two magnets in series with the DC drive in voltage control mode. The presentation will review the testing, findings, as well as a call to future research.

Carl Lee Tolbert is the Vice President of Engineering with B&D Industrial based in Norcross, GA. Carl has multiple degrees and post-graduate work from American Military University, Heriot-Watt, and others. B&D is a 73-year family-owned industrial distributor, and engineering company focused on heavy industries and discrete manufacturing.

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