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Permanent Magnet Motor Topologies – Selection Criteria and Considerations
David Coulson, Principal Electromagnetics Engineer, Celera Motion


There are multiple options for selecting permanent magnet motor topologies and it can sometimes be difficult to understand the benefits of one topology over another. This presentation will describe the leading available radial PM motor topologies, what their main benefits are, and how they can be best aligned to specific applications. The main focus will be on frameless motor applications including the following topologies:  surface mount permanent magnet motors, synchronous reluctance permanent magnet assist motors, Slotless motors, and IPM motors.

David Coulson is Principal Electromagnetics Engineer at Celera Motion. Celera Motion is a precision motion control component and subsystem solution provider for a range of markets including medial robotics, SATCOM, semiconductor processing, and robotics. Celera Motion’s product offering includes encoders, servo drives, and rotary and linear direct drive motors. Mr. Coulson has over 27 years of product development experience focusing on design and commercialization of permanent magnet motors and generators for a wide variety of applications and markets.


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