Inverter Built-In Motor and System Diagnosis Reduces Field Returns and Creates Market Value
Cristian Ionescu-Catrina, Senior Marketing Manager, Power Integrations

We are analyzing the benefits of integrating smart diagnosis in the motor driver stage rather than adding extra components (sensors) and processing power. This reduces number of field returns and creates more market value. Particularly monitoring and reporting of following faults will be addressed in the presentation: over-current, over-temperature, over and under-voltage and motor vibration detection with minimum external components and microprocessor interaction. Lack of fault diagnosis or misdiagnosis of the motor and motor drive operation increases field returns. Relative high share (30 percent) of compressor returns come with no-fault-found that leads to unnecessary returns, inefficient resource allocation and unhappy customers. Ability to diagnose operation, take action and log faults in real time reduce the number of returns and service cost.

Cristian joined Power Integrations in June 2018 as Product Marketing Manager. Prior to joining PI, Cristian led Smart Home activities at Renesas with focus on Home Appliances. He also brings experience in marketing and supporting microcontroller based solutions from the time he worked at NXP Germany.

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