New Trends in Magnetic Absolute Position Measurement

Darrel Davey, Sales and Application Engineer, BOGEN Magnetics NA LLC

Absolute encoders are getting into the mainstream of motor and automation applications. While this has been an important area for resolvers and end of shaft encoders, the advantages of magnetic encoders have convinced many designers to switch to magnetic technology: high resolution, small required space and dirt immunity. While existing magnetic absolute encoders have a lot of advantage and some drawbacks, there are several exciting new developments for new magnetic solutions, e.g. for better integration into products. Increased accuracy, resolution and design freedom are some of the main improvement areas. Looking at the state of the art and identifying key trends provides CTOSs and lead engineers with a better understanding of possible improvement areas for their next generation projects. Comparing the requirement of different application types with actual performance of magnetic encoders will highlight new paths for improving performance. e.g. for more energy efficiency.

Darrell Davey is Sales and Application Engineering Manager of BOGEN Magnetics NA, Reno, NV. He studied electrical engineering at University of Michigan. Supported NA sales for several German manufactures of automation components. Joined BOGEN Magnetics NA in in 2018.  Enjoys family, travel and is looking forward to a coming era of trips beyond the mailbox at the end of the driveway.

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