Peak Performance in Heat: High-Tech Adhesives for e-Motors

Timothy Froning, Regional Sales Engineer, DELO Industrial Adhesives LLC

Bonding technology is a key to improve the performance of e-motors. When it comes to harsh requirements with high temperatures and stress due to rotational forces, high-tech adhesives can protect and reliably bond parts like magnets. Within the new electric motors, especially traction motors, the requirements for the adhesive bonding strength get higher and higher. However, many products that are currently on the market show a clear drop in performance at temperatures above 150°C. This is where the new high temperature adhesives of DELO come to play and show its peak performance. The adhesives provide extraordinary strength of more than 20 MPa at temperatures of 180°C and are developed for fast assembly processes. Join our presentation if you want to learn which additional properties these adhesives have and how they can help you to successfully solve your e-motor bonding and process challenges.

Timothy has been a Regional Sales Engineer with DELO since 2017. With a B.S. in Engineering Technology from Western Carolina University, Timothy started his career as a design engineer before transitioning into a sales / account management role. During his time with DELO he has worked extensively in E-Motors and e-Mobility, as well as RFID, Packaging Systems and Wafer Level Optics. He is passionate about technology and problem solving, which serves him well in a technical sales role.