Fast Magnetic Angle Sensor For High-End Robot Control Applications

Dr. Dragana Popovic Renella, SENIS AG Switzerland

Lennart Nachtigall, Robotics Systems Lab, ETH Switzerland

A Fast Magnetic Angle Sensor has been successfully applied in high-end robot control applications to precisely measure angle for very high resolution and accurate position control of fast robot actuators. At the Robotics Systems Lab, ETH Switzerland, various self-developed motor drives for robot arms and walking robots are developed. In these applications, the FAMAS absolute angle sensor can satisfy some requirements, which could not be reached with previously applied magnet-based absolute encoders. The requirements for use in the motor drive robot applications are: 10kHz update rate; a high magnetic resolution, i.e. a low-noise measured value (this requirement could not be satisfied with previously applied magnet-based absolute encoders); a high tolerance to electromagnetic interference for use in a motor; robust to allow using lower cost structural parts. The patented algorithm implemented in this sensor includes an innovative servo loop control system. It allows angle sensing at practically unlimited rotary speeds, with extremely low latency independent of angle. This sensor provides the digital value of the angle without additional hardware, significantly reducing total implementation cost.

Dr. Dragana Popovic Renella is the COO of SENIS AG in Switzerland. She holds a Master degree in Electrical Engineering from the ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) and a PhD in Technology Management from the University of Novi Sad. She completed executive courses in Marketing Management at SDA Bocconi. Prior to co-founding SENIS she worked for ETH Zurich, Sentron and Credit Suisse. Dragana is a Swiss member of the technical committee of IMEKO (International Measurement Confederation).

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