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Low Voltage Motor & Drives Market – The Rising Demand for Predictive Maintenance

Blake Griffin, Senior Market Analyst, Interact Analysis

As predictive maintenance has begun gaining steam, it has become apparent that low voltage motors represent some of the lowest hanging fruit in terms of applications for the technology. In this presentation, Blake will be giving an overview for the state of both the motor and drive markets as well as providing insight into the predictive maintenance trend as it relates to both of these products.

Attendees will gain understanding the trajectory of both the motor and drive markets, contextualizing predictive maintenance concepts within the motor and drives, as well as understanding solutions for predictive maintenance in their use within these markets.


Blake Griffin is a Senior Market Analyst at Interact Analysis where he has conducted research into markets pertaining to factory automation since 2017. Blake’s recent focus has been on the topic of predictive maintenance, an area where he has carved out expertise on the technology’s use within motor driven systems. Blake has had the opportunity to have over 100+ hours of conversations with suppliers and users of this technology and has produced dedicated research studies on the topic.

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