Effects of Deteriorated Magnetic Properties of Stators on Performance of Electric Motors
Lukasz Mierczak, Ph.D, R&D Engineer, Dr. Brockhaus Messtechnik GmbH & Co.

Accurate design and prediction of electric motor performance is not a trivial task. Motor design engineers make use of advanced numerical and analytical methods for electromagnetic and thermal analysis, and still find considerable differences in efficiency of modelled and manufactured machines. One of the primary sources for this mismatch is the inaccuracy in stator lamination magnetic properties, such as BH curve and power loss, which are used as input data for calculating flux linkages of the coils and heat dissipation, and consequently determining the main motor parameters including torque and operating temperature. In this presentation the results from Brockhaus case studies on the detrimental impact of manufacturing processes on magnetic properties of stators will be presented. Moreover, the effect of deteriorated magnetic properties of stators on final performance of electric motors will be analyzed.

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