How to Improve Your Motor Control Sensor Designs with Inductive Position Technology

Mark Smith, Senior Product Line Marketing Manager • Microchip

Offering significant advantages over existing tradition magnetic based resolvers and sensors, inductive positions sensors measure high speed absolute linear and angular/rotation movements found in a variety of motor control applications. Compared to magnetic resolvers, they are smaller, lighter weight, and lower cost. Compared to magnet-based sensors they are more accurate, are immune to stray magnetic fields and don’t require an external magnetic device. This talk discusses how these works and how they can be used in motor control applications.

Mark Smith is the Senior Product Line Marketing Manager of Sensor Products at Microchip. He is responsible for business strategy and new product development of Microchip’s inductive position sensor products. Previously, Dr. Smith led the product development of leading edge power management devices for datacenter storage products. He likes to think outside to box to help engineers create great solutions to address the challenges they face. Dr. Smith has more than 10 peer-reviewed publications and over 8 patents granted or pending. Dr. Smith earned a doctorate in electrical engineering, specializing in power electronics, control, and magnetics from the University of California, Irvine.


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