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SynRA – Synchronous Reluctance Rotor with Aluminum Cage     
Kyle Mertens, Product Manager, Nidec Motor Corp.

Michael Detmering, Manager of Project Management, Nidec Motor Corp.

The SynRA, a new synchronous reluctance motor technology utilizing a synchronous reluctance rotor injected with an aluminum cage. The session will explain how utilizing an aluminum cage in the rotor allows SynRA motor to be driven using more simple V/Hz drives vs more expensive and more complicated Vector drives which are required in traditional SynRM motors. SynRA has significant efficiency improvements over induction, allowing us to meet higher IE levels of efficiency in each rating while reducing the mechanical package to smaller stators and shorter stack lengths. We will present a comparison of Induction vs SynRA efficiency in several applications with varying loads and speeds and how that translates to power savings for the customer. In addition, we will review many of the technical challenges we faced during development of the SynRA motor including motor instability, rotor design, torque/efficiency tradeoff, and more. This technology aligns perfectly with the current broad shift to higher efficiency and VFDs. Our technical presentation will stir engineering personnel and business developers to innovate and further accelerate the current trend.

Kyle Mertens is an experienced Product Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the electrical and electronic manufacturing industry. He is skilled in AutoCAD, Computer-Aided Design (CAD), SolidWorks, Root Cause Analysis, and Continuous Improvement. He is currently the Product Manager for NEMA Horizontal Motors for Nidec’s CIMD-A group and holds a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) focused in Business Administration from University of Missouri - St. Louis.

Michael Detmering has worked in the electric motor industry for nearly 8 years in a variety of positions (Engineering Co-Op, Quote Group for Custom Design Motors, Project Manager) with a particular focus in Project Management and New Product Development. Currently, he is the Manager of Project Management for Nidec’s CIMD-A group where he has driven continuous improvement efforts in nearly all facets of business to improve project execution, managed a team of project managers, assisted in portfolio management and broader business decisions, etc. He holds a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from the Washington University in St. Louis & University of Missouri-Saint Louis Engineering Program and maintains a PMP Certificate from the Project Management Institute.


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