Air Core Axial Flux PM Machines

Paulo Guedes-Pinto, VP of Technology, Infinitum Electric

The demand for high efficiency electric machines is an irreversible trend in many industry sectors, such as HVAC, appliances, automotive and industrial machinery. Among various high efficiency machine designs, air core axial flux PM machines bring substantial advantages over other topologies, as they are lighter and not burdened by core losses. This presentation will discuss the benefits of a particular case of air core axial flux PM machines in which the ironless stator is made of a printed circuit board. In addition to the high efficiency, light weight and reduced volume that characterize these machines, the presentation will explore other benefits such as absence of cogging torque, quiet operation, and manufacturing consistence.


In a career that extends for almost 40 years, Paulo has over 27 years of experience in the design and manufacture of large AC and DC motors, traction motors, axial flux permanent magnet machines, high speed permanent magnet motors for subsea and land applications, as well as medium voltage drives. Before joining Infinitum Electric, Paulo held engineering and R&D leadership positions at TECO-Westinghouse, Boulder Wind Power, FMC Technologies, GE Canada, JDS Uniphase, and Indústrias Villares (now Gevisa, a GE company). Paulo holds nine patents related to electric machines and drives.

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