Experimental Approach for Solving Side Band Noise of Miniature Planetary Gearbox
Pradeep Deshmane, Principal Engineer – Gearbox, Portescap

Vibration and noise spectra from miniature planetary transmissions commonly exhibit components at distinct frequencies around the gear mesh (tooth passing) frequency and its higher harmonics, called modulation sidebands. They constitute a significant portion of the vibration and noise generated by the transmission. Sidebands have influence on noise quality measures as well as having great potential to provide valuable clues regarding gear tooth combinations, phasing of planets, manufacturing errors like eccentricity, run out present in the gear set, planet pin position error, etc. The first critical step in designing and controlling the sideband activity of a planetary transmission is to develop a compressive approach to analyze modulation sidebands as well as describing the mechanisms causing sidebands. This session describes the investigation of side bands, correlation with test results and solution to minimize the noise. Practical examples will be provided. Benefits for a variety of aerospace and commercial applications will be highlighted to conclude the discussion.

Pradeep holds a Masters in Engineering Degree in Mechanical Design from VIT, Pune University, India. He joined Portescap in 2019 and leads Gearbox Design and Development Team focused on next generation technologies and critical problem solving. Prior to Portescap, Pradeep served for Romax Technology in gearbox consultancy domain for 13 years and handled several critical projects in Noise and Vibration Harshness (NVH) for Global automotive major OEMs like General Motors, Aston Martin, Renault, Punch Powertrain. His experience spans not only in automotive but also in wind turbine and aerospace gearbox applications.

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