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Low Voltage Motor & Drives Market – The Rising Demand for Predictive Maintenance

Blake Griffin, Senior Market Analyst, Interact Analysis

As predictive maintenance has begun gaining steam, it has become apparent that low voltage motors represent some of the lowest hanging fruit in terms of applications for the technology. In this presentation...Read More

Adjustable Speed Drive Control Methods: Creating a Flatter Motor Efficiency Curve for More Energy Savings
Dr. Allen Neciosup, Senior Applications Project Engineer, Motors & Drives Division, Toshiba

The need for higher operating efficiencies is being approached by new super energy efficient motors. For example, Super Premium Efficiency motors (IE4) have 20% less power loss than IE3 motors...Read More

SynRA – Synchronous Reluctance Rotor with Aluminum Cage     
Kyle Mertens, Product Manager, Nidec Motor Corp.

Michael Detmering, Manager of Project Management, Nidec Motor Corp.

The SynRA, a new synchronous reluctance motor technology utilizing a synchronous reluctance rotor injected with an aluminum cage. The session will explain how utilizing an aluminum cage...Read More

A High-Efficiency Motor-Drive Architecture with Direct AC-AC Conversion
Somasundaram Essakiappan, R&D Engineering Manager, QM Power Inc.

A high-efficiency motor-drive architecture with direct ac-ac conversion has been developed for Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC), industrial drives, and commercial/residential applications...Read More

How Intelligent Switched Reluctance Motor Systems are Unlocking Our Sustainable Future 

Piyush Desai, Co-Founder, Vice President of Motor Design, Turntide

Electric motors are the hidden drivers of climate change, consuming over 47% of the world’s electricity, more than heating, lighting, and electronics combined. Energy demand has been increasing faster than...Read More

Technology Trends in Rotating Machinery
Heeju Choi, Principal Engineer, Electron Energy Corporation

The use of permanent magnets (PMs) brings significant advantages to many well-known applications including (hybrid) electric vehicles, motors, generators, electronic devices, etc. The design of the...Read More

Dynamic Motor Drive – A Strategy Optimizing Electric Motor Efficiency        
Zhiqian Chen, Director, DMD Program Partners, Tula Technology, Inc.

Ram Subramanian, Principal Marketing Strategist, Tula Technology, Inc.

Improving the efficiency of battery-electric vehicle powertrains is a key to transportation electrification. Although the peak efficiencies of electric motors exceed 90%, practical drive cycles and powertrain...Read More

Design Performance Comparison of Surface and Interior Permanent Magnet Transverse Flux Motors
Lavanya Vadamodala, Senior Application Engineer, Altair Engineering, Inc.

Transverse Flux Permanent Magnet Machines (TFPMMs) are known for their capability to produce high power with high torque density but with a lower power factor. TFPMMs are gaining popularity in...Read More

Auto, Aero and Defense Electrification: Optimizing Induction and PM Motor Design for Manufacturing

Aaron Williams, Director of Strategic Technologies & Business Development, Arnold Magnetic Technologies

As the demand for electrification continues to grow globally, the automotive, aerospace, and defense markets face unprecedented challenges. New technologies are placing greater demands on motors in...Read More

Peak Performance in Heat: High-Tech Adhesives for e-Motors

Timothy Froning, Regional Sales Engineer, DELO Industrial Adhesives LLC

Bonding technology is a key to improve the performance of e-motors. When it comes to harsh requirements with high temperatures and stress due to rotational forces, high-tech adhesives can protect...Read More

Simulation-Based Noise and Vibration Analysis of an Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

Issah Ibrahim, EMaG Specialist, Maya HTT

This presentation investigates a combined electromagnetic, structural, and acoustic simulation-based process of an Interior Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motor (IPMSM). Acoustic noise is a result of a...Read More

Advanced Measurements of Soft and Hard Magnetic Materials Used in Electric Motors
Lukasz Mierczak Ph.D, Principal Engineer, Dr. Brockhaus Messtechnik GmbH & Co.

Development and manufacturing of electric motors involves multi-stage analyses including, among others, selection of materials, electromagnetic and thermal modelling, quality control of stators...Read More

Integration of High Resolution Magnetic Sensors into Specialty Motors

Mark LaCroix, Principal Applications Engineer - Sensors, Timken

The robotics industry is growing significantly and rapidly.  The biggest drivers to be part of it are component size, system cost and allowance for large tolerances.  Encoders are a significant part...Read More