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Motor Design & Performance Track


A Summary of Transverse Flux Motors in Both Design and Applications

Lowell Christensen, Permanent Magnet Motor Design Consultant, Lowell Christensen LLC

Hairpin Motor Production Technologies

Alexander Kuehl, Research Director Electormechanical Engineering, Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU)

Inverter Built-In Motor and System Diagnosis Reduces Field Returns and Creates Market Value
Cristian Ionescu-Catrina, Senior Marketing Manager, Power Integrations

Drive Systems Track


A Historical Overview and Current Trends on Magnets, Electric Machines, and Drives
Dal Ohm, Ph.D., President, Drivetech, Inc.

VFD Cable, Essential or Overkill
Steve Wetzel, Principal Engineer, Southwire Company

Operating Electro-Magnets with Current or Voltage Control Algorithms from Standard Industrial Drives
Carl Lee Tolbert, Vice President of Engineering, B&D Industrial


Experimental Approach for Solving Side Band Noise of Miniature Planetary Gearbox

Pradeep Deshmane, Principal Engineer – Gearbox, Portescap India Pvt. Ltd.


Industry & Applications Trends Track


A Global Update on the Market for Electric Motors and Drives
Ivan Campos, Research Analyst - Manufacturing Technology Group, OMDIA

The Market for Predictive Maintenance in Motor Driven Systems

Blake Griffin, Market Research Analyst, Interact Analysis

Air Core Axial Flux PM Machines

Paulo Guedes-Pinto, VP of Technology, Infinitum Electric



Magnetic Properties & Applications Track


Effects of Deteriorated Magnetic Properties of Stators on Performance of Electric Motors
Lukasz Mierczak, Ph.D, R&D Engineer, Dr. Brockhaus Messtechnik GmbH & Co.

New Trends in the High Efficiency Motors Market Utilizing Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Soft Magnetic Materials

Eric Theisen, Director of Research & Development, Metglas, Inc.


Materials, Automation & Simulation in Electric Machine Design & Production - Radial Magnetic Orientation Technology and its Application in Motors

Brian Coleman, Vice President of Business Development, International Magnaproducts, Inc.

Sensors & Encoders Track


New Trends in Magnetic Absolute Position Measurement

Torsten Becker, CEO, BOGEN Electronic GmbH

Fast Magnetic Angle Sensor For High-End Robot Control Applications

Dr. Dragana Popovic Renella, SENIS AG Switzerland

Lennart Nachtigall, Robotics Systems Lab, ETH Switzerland

EMCW Track


High-Tech Adhesives: Solutions for e-Mobility and Additive Balancing Processes
Timothy Froning, Regional Sales Engineer, DELO Industrial Adhesives


High Speed/ High Power Density Electric Power Generation and Motor Drive
Jay Vaidya, Founding President, Electrodynamics Associates, Inc.


Introducing Industry 4.5 in Coil Manufacturing

Dr. Justin Goldston, Assistant Professor of Project and Supply Chain Management, Penn State University

The Use of Foil and Litz Wire in SMPS Transformers

Jacob Campbell, Lead Engineer - Magnetics, West Coast Magnetic

FEA Model Describing the Impact of Thin, High-Induction NOES on a High-Speed Motor

Adam Thomas, Director New Product Implementation and Marketing, Arcanum Alloys





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