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Distributed High Density (DHD) Winding for e-machines - Data review & developments

Marsilli's Distributed High Density (DHD) winding technology has been designed to create a better alternative to the distributed motor winding technologies currently available on the market (typically insertion and hairpin). The DHD winding technology has been developed to satisfy the industry's desire for electric motors that are compact, lightweight and highly efficient throughout the whole operating speed range.

This presentation will explain how round enameled copper wires are used to reduce high-frequency losses, the number of welded points, and the overall production costs. We will also analyze the flexibility in the electric motor design and winding schemes and explain how we achieved a high filling factor with the research of perfect layering and the implementation of pole shoe preservation and a small slot opening.

We will then pass from the theoretical explanation to a comparison analysis of two DHD-wound prototypes and a hairpin-wound motor model of the same size and specifications with results backed by two renowned German Universities.

Finally, we will give highlights about some ongoing pilot projects with well-known automotive and industrial motor manufacturers to better understand the implications and performance of the DHD winding technology when applied to real projects.



Paolo Omenetti

Sales Manager
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