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Keynote: Addressing the Criticality through Sustainability and Traceability

Rare earths are widely considered as critical metals, which various green technologies heavily depend on. How can the industry trace the materials to where it is mined and assess the sustainability at all the stages of the value chain (mine to product). At present, there is no single environmental footprint representing the rare earth sector. Thus, when the industry and its consumers wish to market themselves as environmentally friendly, they face a confusing range of choices and methods for environmental evaluation. The keynote will present the main results of a global project led by the Rare Earth Industry Association (REIA) along with its partners Minviro, Circularise, Grundfos and BEC Magnetics.

Badrinath will demonstrate a state-of-the-art method as a common way of measuring environmental performance of rare earths with a blockchain based traceability tool including development of a metrics for sustainable mining, sourcing and the establishment of the global sustainability standard for permanent magnet motors.



Badrinath Veluri

Chief Specialist Materials & Process
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