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New adhesive solutions for assembly of high-performance lamination stacks

The current electrification megatrend has resulted in a drive toward higher efficiency machines.  Losses in these machines are comprised primarily of iron losses (including stator and rotor losses), friction losses, and stray load.  In an effort to minimize motor losses and increase efficiency manufacturers are implementing alternative methods of assembly for components that reduce the causes of these losses.  Bonding of individual lamination to form a rotor and stator is one method that is increasing in popularity as the performance benefits provide significant advantages. 

From the studies to be presented in this discussion, we will share how Henkel bonding solutions are able to reduce iron losses, provide high strength to the assembly, reduce noise, and ultimately improve the motor efficiency.  In addition to the performance benefits adhesives can provide the discussion will also cover different benefits and considerations of the application process to have a robust solution for bonded lamination stacks.



Chris Martino

Global Application Engineer
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