JMAG Topology Optimization Empowers Innovative Motor Design

Sainan Xue, Senior EM Design and Support Engineer, Powersys Solutions

Vedanadam Acharya, Technical Operations Manager, Powersys Solutions

Topology optimization is a new approach of geometry optimization which does not parameterize the dimensions. It has been intensively researched and implemented in commercial structural analysis finite element analysis (FEA) software to mainly reduce material consumption and maximize performance, while in the application of designing electromagnetic devices, such as electrical machines, the most advanced and effective topology optimization techniques are discovered until recent years. NGnet & On/Off and density/sensitivity methods are one of the best global and local search approaches for topology optimization, respectively. The webinar will demonstrate application scenarios and effectiveness of these powerful techniques that empower motor designers to gain innovation ideas by freely exploring 2D and 3D design possibilities beyond existing experiences and bring in new knowledge. As an industry leader, JMAG software is used to show how motor designers can benefit from topology optimization.

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