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Anthony Lowther

Maya HTT

Electromagnetics Specialist

Anthony Lowther is an electromagnetics specialist at Maya HTT, providing technical advice, services, and support for the Siemens Simcenter electromagnetics portfolio. Anthony holds a masters degree from Southampton University, UK and previously worked with the Simcenter MAGNET development team, who are responsible for the majority of Siemens’s offerings in this space. Anthony’s wide experience from both the development side and supporting a variety of customers puts him in a unique position to explore the current challenges facing electromagnetics designers in industry.


Optimization of an Electric Motor Across Multiple Physics Domains

When considering optimization of a new electric motor design, designers will often work within a single physics domain, the effects of changes primarily aimed at improving a single variety of result, thermal, electromagnetic, etc. In reality, when a change is made to a design it can affect performance in many different ways but it can be difficult to take into account all these effects in a single simulation. Yet, these different domains interact in the real world, for instance as an electric motor heats up, it’s performance characteristics change as the material properties of its components change.

The goal of this presentation will be to demonstrate how we can construct automated multi-physics simulations appropriate for the optimization of an electric motor. By coupling electromagnetic results to thermal simulations, a better understanding of the motor performance vs temperature profile can be established. By applying an optimization loop to coupled simulation a designer can ensure maximum performance is maintained both from a electromagnetic and thermal standpoint. Attendees will be introduced to the coupled electromagnetic-thermal workflow, and to running optimization for performance in both physics’ domains.

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