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Brody Tucker

Adams Magnetic Products

Application Engineer

Brody Tucker is an Applications Engineer at Adams Magnetic Products, an industry leader in permanent magnet engineering, manufacturing, and distribution. With nearly 10 years’ experience, Brody has helped companies around the world incorporate magnets into challenging applications and environments. He has provided invaluable design assistance for magnets used in deep sea environments, in outer space, and everywhere in between. His magnetic solutions can be found in everything from lifesaving medical devices to the Orion crew module.

Brody holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, and when not engrossed in magnet applications you can find him cruising the pacific coast highway or exploring some southern California single track on one of a few beloved motorcycles


Avoid Costly Permanent Magnet Specification Mistakes

Join us for best practice suggestions for working with magnet suppliers to improve your legacy drawings, quality control processes, and understanding of magnetic measurements.

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