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Kirk Sigmon

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Patent Attorney

Kirk’s work in the U.S. and in Asia, tied with his experience with Fortune 500 companies and startups, provides him the know-how to counsel clients at all stages of invention, patent prosecution, intellectual property enforcement, and litigation.

Kirk began his legal career in Tokyo, and routinely works with U.S., Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and European intellectual property matters. Kirk’s cases have involved a broad range of technologies, including computer networking, cellular communications, video gaming, virtual reality, machine learning/artificial intelligence, military weapons systems, blockchain technologies, aerospace flight systems, video encoding, petroleum engineering, optoelectronics, data storage, magnetics, agronomy, and toys. Kirk is a Blockchain Legal Specialist as certified by the Government Blockchain Association. Kirk also speaks Japanese and is actively studying Korean.


Leveraging Patents for Competitive Advantage of IoT and AI in your Powertrain Systems

Attendees will learn several best practices for how to strategically patent innovations in their motor and drive systems that use Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI), including digital twins and software patents.  Your intellectual property (IP) strategy can bolster your competitive advantage—whether your invention relates to better manufacturing processes, predictive maintenance using AI or machine learning, or  a machine learning model that is trained on proprietary diagnostic data to improve your design, efficiency, performance, etc. 

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