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Matt Bohm

Florida Polytechnic University

Director of Industry Engagement

Dr. Matt Bohm joined the university in 2016 after spending six years as an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Louisville (UofL). Bohm’s research examines the intersection of three distinct areas: engineering design, engineering education, and big data.

Currently, Bohm has an active National Science Foundation grant under the Division of Undergraduate Education to examine the effects of systems modeling paradigms with respect to design outcomes and systems thinking and understanding.

While at UofL, Bohm was primarily responsible for overseeing the mechanical engineering department’s capstone design program. During his time at UofL, Bohm transformed the capstone design program from an ad-hoc, student derived project course into an industry-driven and sponsored immersive project course, that resulted in higher quality student projects and funding coming into the department from industrial partners. Bohm was the first faculty member at Florida Poly to bring an NSF grant to the University, which focused on improving the ability of engineering students to design systems and processes to meet consumer needs.

Prior to his position at UofL, Bohm was a visiting researcher at Oregon State University after completing his doctorate at the Missouri University of Science and Technology (S&T) in 2009. While at S&T, Bohm was also a lecturer for the Department of Interdisciplinary Engineering and was responsible for coordinating and teaching design and mechanics related courses.


Panel: Future Motor & Drive Needs of Industrial Robot and Autonomous Mobile Robot End-effector and Integrator Communities

The Advanced Robotics for manufacturing Institute one of the 9 DOD Manufacturing innovation institutes has assembled a panel of Industrial robot Autonomous robot, End effector/manipulator, and Academic representatives, to discuss their organizations, their wish lists for future motor drives and controls product capabilities that would be key to developing future break through robotic manufacturing products.

Moderator:Arnold Kravitz, Chief Innovation officer, ARM institute

Panelists: Jackie RAM, VP Operations, IAM Robotics
Ted Rozier, Director of Engineering, Festo Didactic
Adam Willea, Robotics District Manager (FL, PR), FANUC America Corporation
Matt Bohm, Director of Industry Engagement, Florida Polytechnic University
Capstone Projects and Assoc. Professor of Mechanical Engineering

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